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2 August 2009

    Kyrgyzstan's newly re-elected leader, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, was sworn in as president on Sunday.
    The inauguration took place at the government building in Bishkek, and was attended by lawmakers, diplomats and the president of the neighboring Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
    The Kyrgyz Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that the July 23 presidential election was carried out in line with the country's constitution. However, opposition parties and European monitors said the vote was flawed.
    In his inauguration speech, Bakiyev said he managed to ensure peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan over the course of his first term.
    He also called for national unity and described his re-election as a “win for everybody.” ”Most importantly, the very principle of democracy and the ideals of tolerant society were victorious,” he said.
    The inauguration ceremony lasted around 40 minutes.
    Several days ago, K.Bakiyev made a televised address to the nations assuring the people that he would fulfil all his pre-election promises. He intends first of all to conduct the reform of the state government bodies and modernisation of the national education system. 


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